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Flagship Fleet Management provides premier solutions for fleets of any size and complexity.  Flagship provides comprehensive fleet management and reporting analysis solutions that will enable you to manage your bottom line, provide the best service to your internal and external customers and meet your management objectives and best business practices, today and in the future.

Our unique solutions enable all areas of your organization to have fully integrated, timely and accurate information merging together seamlessly all areas of your operation: billing, shop supervision, maintenance, warranty, scheduling, parts, use tracking, fuel, asset management, motor pool, replacement analysis and KPI driven management dashboards.  Management has the information to make the most informed decisions quickly and technicians and other staff are not bogged down with endless screens.

Flagship continues to provide a level of customer support, unmatched in the industry.  Every customer call is answered by a staff member who can respond to the requests and/or concerns immediately.

All product enhancements are developed in-house with input from our customers, as well as from many of the most successful fleet managers in the country.  This gives us the unique advantage of having full control over all aspects of our program, allowing us to meet customer needs and incorporate customer feedback into our software in a timely fashion.

We are dedicated to becoming the WEB, Mobile fleet management solution of choice in the industry.

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Congratulations City of Harrisonburg, Michael Newbill for your Certificate of Achievement in leading fleets!


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